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          1. High frequency self-service

            High frequency self-service

            【Product profile】

            The self-service borrowing and returning system equipment is a kind of equipment system that can scan, identify and borrow the circulation materials with RFID tags. It is used for the readers to borrow the circulation materials by themselves, which is convenient for the readers and the staff to borrow the circulation materials. It is equipped with touch screen or simple key operating system, which provides a simple and easy-to-use man-machine communication interface and graphic field , through Sip2 protocol or NCIP protocol and other special interfaces to connect with the application system, quickly and accurately complete the borrowing, the equipment is safe, reliable, beautiful and generous.


            • 1.Support RFID and cancel magnetism.

            • 2.Be able to borrow and return RFID chips and barcode scanning at the same time.

            • 3.It can support single book lending or multiple books lending.

            • 4.The equipment design is compact, beautiful and generous, which can be easily integrated into the furniture facilities and the library business implementation environment of the library.

            • 5.The system can be seamlessly connected with the library background management system.

            • 6.The software of self-service borrowing and returning machine is equipped with reader card recognition, book borrowing, book return, abnormal operation reminder and voucher printing functions.

            • 7. The system has the return function that readers can choose. The system can be set by librarians to have only the function of borrowing or returning books.

            • 8. RFID tags can be quickly identified and pasted on the circulation documents in a non-contact way.

            • 9. During the operation of the system, the reader password verification function can be configured according to the needs of the actual environment.

            • 10. It can borrow and return the circulation documents such as printed matter and Cd in the library.

            • 11. It is equipped with touch screen and simple interface interactive operation, providing operation prompt function of simplified Chinese and English interface.

            • 12. The device can automatically play relevant introduction materials when it is idle.

            • 13. Real time log recording function of self-service operation of readers.

            • 14. It has the function of preventing stealing and exchanging books in the process of borrowing RFID circulating documents.

            • 15. Equipped with built-in thermal printer, automatic paper cutting, when the book is borrowed successfully, the printing ticket can display the operation time and date, operation type, circulation document information, circulation document return date, when the return is successful, the printing ticket can display the circulation document return quantity, if there is circulation document overdue, the overdue information can be displayed, and the above display content can be configured.

            • 16. The system must ensure that the books within the range of the equipment indication area can be read, and the books beyond the range can not be read, so as to ensure that the reader will not make mistakes during operation.

            • 17. The system can be configured to display the reader information, including the reader's name, reader's ID number and other privacy information.

            • 18. The internal module of the system adopts standard serial port and USB interface to connect with the internal industrial computer of the self-service borrowing and returning machine.

            • 19. It must comply with relevant international industry standards, such as iso18000-3.

            • 20. The equipment system can be upgraded through simple hardware conversion, keeping up with the latest technology development.

            • 21. The system has the function of off-line return. After the system is formally connected, the off-line data will be automatically transferred to the back-end system of the library to complete the actual return operation of the final circulation documents.

            • 22. The system must provide the function of automatic connection. After the network fault is recovered, the system will automatically connect to the server of the circulation system and restore the self-service, without the help of the librarian to connect or restart the service.

            • 23.It has the function of multi Book detection.

            • 24.The system can add barcode scanning gun according to conditions, and automatically judge whether to use RFID tag or barcode scanning when borrowing or returning books according to conditions.

            • 25.The system has the function of automatic shutdown.

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