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          1. Intelligent inventory

            Intelligent inventory

            【Product profile】

            RFID mobile inventory car is a kind of scanning and statistical equipment for RFID tags. By scanning the circulation materials with RFID tags on the bookshelf, it can help to arrange shelves, find and count specific circulation materials, etc., and play an effective role in finding lost materials and inventory books for library staff. The equipment is easy to use, efficient, safe and reliable, beautiful and generous.


            • 1.Reasonable and reliable design, low noise, stable operation and long service life.

            • 2.Equipped with power supply and charger, it can be used for up to 8 hours after one charge.

            • 3.Integrated machine with touch screen, easy to operate.

            • 4.Equipped with bookshelves that can be automatically folded, convenient to use and save borrowing space.

            • 5.It is equipped with powerful inventory software, which can support offline work. It has the functions of inventory, sequence, on shelf, inverted shelf, off shelf, query and positioning, data upload and download, view log, query statistics, bibliographic alarm, 3D navigation, etc.

            • 6.Equipped with data acquisition software, it can collect Book status in real time and ensure the accuracy of data. And it can be disconnected and reconnected, automatically started and unattended for 24 hours.

            • 7. It is equipped with background management software, which can configure users, carry out detailed query statistics on the data of the inventory car, configure management alarm bibliography, formulate inventory sequence task, log query, layer information management and other functions.

            • 8. Be able to support high-frequency labels in line with international standards.

            • 9. It is equipped with wired and wireless internet access modes to support various complex network environments.

            • 10. Be able to provide accurate 3D navigation to the library shelf layers and columns.

            • 11. It is a shelf acquisition and editing system, which can associate the physical information of bookshelf with RFID tag.

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