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          1. High frequency book label

            High frequency book label

            【Product profile】

            Model NT8001


            • 1. There is memory in the label, and the data stored in it can be read and written repeatedly. Some basic information must be stored in the tag. The bid winner shall provide the optimized data structure storage scheme and access management program according to the needs of the purchaser to optimize the reading speed and improve the processing efficiency;

            • 2. Tags can be read and written non-contact to speed up the processing speed of document circulation;

            • 3. The label must use anti conflict algorithm to ensure that multiple labels can be identified reliably at the same time;

            • 4. The label has high security to prevent the information stored in it from being read or rewritten at will;

            • 5. The label is a passive label, which must comply with IS015963 and IS018000-3 standards;

            • 6. The book label adopts AFI or EAS as the security mark method of anti-theft. The AFI flag must be freely modifiable by the user;

            • 7. The error frequency of tag natural frequency is less than or equal to ± 300kHz;

            • 8. RFID reading product equipment can read the data stored in the tag in a very short time (in the actual working environment, if the tag capacity is 1024bits, the reading speed of the tag in each process can reach within 0.1s, and the reading distance is not less than 25cm);

            • 9. During the label warranty period, the adhesive shall not fall off, and the neutral adhesive shall be used to ensure no damage to the adhesive surface of books and other media;

            • 10. The label is pasted in a concealed way, which is not easy to tear or fall off after being pasted in place, and is installed on the inner page of the book;

            • 11.Effective reading distance: meet the reading requirements of self loan, bookshelf, safety door and other equipment;

            • 12.Data storage time: ≥ 10 years

            • 13.Effective service life: ≥ 10 years

            • 14.Effective use times ≥ 100000 times

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